Wednesday, October 6, 2010

He's getting to be such a big boy!
Malachi is showing off how he's starting to push up with his arms.
studying with daddy
coffee house date with mommy & daddy
showing off the cutest little dimple I've ever seen

I've failed again. I can't seem to stay consistent at this blogging thing. In, efforts to keep family or even friends updated with sweet Malachi's life while away from everyone....I'm going to turn into that mom...that person I never thought I would...
I now baby talk. Not only baby talk, but I do it almost all day. I even find myself doing it to Brent. Or, worse off, I find myself baby talking to Malachi in first person only as I'm really talking to Brent...even more confusing. I've even accidentally taked baby talk on the phone to a couple friends...woops! sorry! (that's when I realize I really need to get out!)
I'm also realizing that Malachi is most of my life. I love him, love his smile, love his coos, his milestones that he's conquering and the excitement that entails!
I'm also that person that I never thought I'd be...I'm turning this blog into a blog pretty much about Malachi and our daily events since that's really what's going on. So, as I've heard many people say...many think it's crazy when a mom just blogs about her kids, well... I'm that mom.
I have found that I love reading other mom's blogs about their kids!! It's a weird bond almost I have found comfort in. I love reading of their victories, funny sayings and seeing them grow. So, if you're not into that...I think this blog will soon be very boring:) Just thought I'd warn you:)

Malachi, I'm so proud of you!! You have one proud momma that LOVES LOVES LOVES you sooo much!
You started making eye contact and smiling at us at about a month... the exact day I'll have to edit in later. You cried a lot at the beginning, but then one day, you woke up and smiled at me for over an hour! You'd never done that, but then all day between every nap you smiled at your momma for almost an hour. It was one of the best days of my life!!
You started raising your head during tummy time at about 7 weeks, but last week, at 10 weeks, you have started pushing up with your arms and bringing your arms in front of you!!! Your momma and daddy squeal in delight, cheer, clap, smile, say "yaaaaay!!!!!" constantly when you do! Seeing you push up and smile never gets old!
You also can bear all your weight and mommy & daddy just balance you. That started at mid week 9. I'm afraid you want to skip the crawling stage and just start running:) You are too cute!
Your smile makes your mommy melt! You are tricky in that you have learned to often smile, wink and flirt when put down for a nap to wooo your mommy into picking you back up. It is tooo cute, but unfortunately mommy loves you too much to do that all the time:) You take about an hour- hour 1/2 nap between feeds and typically stay up between feeds once during the day.
The coo-ing and sounds are precious! That started about week 6 and has been more and more fun every day!
Diaper changing time and right after feeding is the most hysterical time as you are so verbal! Those are mommy's favorite times of the day! You are so full of smiles that sometimes your nose twitches and your right cheek gets a dimple as your smile is so big and lasts for so long.
I love you soooo much Malachi!

Right now, he's taking a nap. He was a good boy as he had his first babysitting today for about an hour from one of my girl friends. She watched him as I signed back up to work some in the ER again. I'm not sure how long I'll work for, but I signed up for a week so far:) It was good to see everyone at work, but at the same time...the smells, the psychiatric meltdown from the lady behind me, the lady hearing voices and screaming back at them around the corner, the terrible smelling urine on the counter beside me, backed up waiting room and flem-filled smokers/TB/pneumonia/ nasty hacking cough of the man I passed just didn't fill me with glee either....
Who knows...but we're going to try it again and see how working a little here and there works out:) Fortunately, Brent is so sweet and supportive that he is behind me either way and encourages me also to stay home with Malachi, so...we'll see in a few weeks how that turns out:)

A few pics of what's going on:)


Minders said...

Oh my goodness! Malachi, you are SO handsome! (especially in that first outfit - looks familiar!!!) When I first saw the picture I did a double take as I thought it was a baby picture of Brent. :) Love his little dimple!!

We miss you all so much and hope you come home soon!!! Love you all!

Brooke said...

OH, he is SO cute. Love that dimple & smile! Can't wait to see him (oh, and you too!) in a little over a month!

Love you!

staci said...

Thanks so much Mindy and Brooke for leaving a post:) so fun to hear from you! I CAN NOT WAIT to see you guys and introduce Malachi to you:) Love you guys!! Oh and do you guys have blogs? I'd love to read them in if you do. What are the addresses for them?

Minders said...

Yes, Staci, I have a blog! It's private so I'll have to e-mail you an invitation to read it. What e-mail address to you want the invite sent to? My address is


The Cisel's said...

He is just as cute as can be!