Sunday, August 15, 2010

My days with Malachi are full of feeding, changing diapers, changing his outfits after messes, one way conversations, singing songs for which I realize I typically only know a couple of lines so I either make up the rest or just repeat those, lots of crying fits (totally not my favorite part of the day!!)....and taking lots of pictures of him. The first couple days of his life, he would get startled almost every time he heard the camera click. Now, it doesn't phase him a bit! Poor guy is going to think that the camera is just a part of me. I think Malachi may be getting cuter every day. Here's a few from yesterday as we were waiting for his daddy to come home.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

It's been about 3 weeks since Malachi has been born and about that long since I feel like I've had my head on straight, had more than 3 hrs of consecutive sleep, or known at what time to brush my teeth since I no long her have a "night" or "bed time" or normal "meal time" or really any time of my own. (don't worry, I still brush my teeth 2 or more times a day...I just have to figure out a time to do it or how to do it while holding a screaming baby. Oh, the skills I have already learned!).
His birth day was eventful to say the least. I believe I was told it was about 4 1/2 hours of labor. I'd say that was enough for him and me. He didn't like my over active uterus from which his heart rate decelerated several times and I didn't like the crazy contractions, but both worked out beautifully. His heart rate would bounce back every time the staff would run into the room, throw an oxygen mask on me and make me get in all sorts of interesting positions. The doctors were wonderful and of course Brent was the best supporter, coach, encourager, husband EVER imaginable through the whole thing. I knew Brent would want to be a strong supporter through it all and would try his best, but as he always does, he did better than I could have ever asked! It's true that you do kinda forget about the pain and I'm glad of that. I do remember saying " Brent I'm never doing this again! This is too much. I'm seriously never doing this again!"...but I think I would. I never thought I could fall so in love with a little baby so quickly. Malachi, even in his crying fits, is such a blessing. Malachi, you are simply an adorable, precious little boy!
Things that I love about him right now...
-That he's sleeping:) so I can type a blog real quick
-His pouty lip that he often follows with the cutest little grin ( I think that may get the best of me later)
-How cute his fingers and toes are
-How every time he wakes up he goes through a several minute stretching routine to wake up...Seriously, it's adorable and soooo funny.
-How he can pee all over as I'm changing his diaper and it for some reason it makes me laugh (especially when he does that to his daddy as he's changing his diaper before running out to work!)
-That he's starting to make eye contact with us and interact with us a little more

So we could go on and on, but that's where we are today. Thank you for your prayers throughout the labor and encouragement since! I'm excited for you all to meet Malachi! He says hello too!