Thursday, December 2, 2010

Malachi's first trip to Florida

Oh, how I love vacation!! We were able to bring Malachi on his first trip to Florida for Thanksgiving! While flying alone with him to Florida was daunting, prayers were answered as he was a gem the entire way down! He slept the first flight. The second flight he seemed to be on speed or something as he was jumping up and down, up and down, squealing, cooing and making everyone laugh around us for about an hour. Then, within a couple of minutes, he snuggled his face into mine and fell fast asleep...crashed is more like it...for the next hour and a half! It was wonderful!
We were able to meet up with my parents at the airport and spend the first few days in LaBelle with my grandparents. I can not say enough good about my grandparents. They are the sweetest grandparents anyone could ask for as their love for the Lord, generosity, love for us, service, hospitality and humor pour out of them. I cherish the life time of memories gathered from spending time with them. It was so fun to share Malachi with them and laugh how it seems like just yesterday I was a little runt, running around their house, jumping in the pool and acting crazy. How time flies!

It's also so special to share Malachi with our parents. I'm sure it has got to be strange for them to see us with a baby. Actually, it's still kind of strange for me too...Either way, we just love him and love sharing him with Grandma and Grandpa Stoller & Rocke (how funny that sounds!). Not to mention, how WONDERFUL it was to have the extra help with caring for and entertaining Malachi! It's exciting to think of all the memories we'll be developing with Malachi and the grandparents/ mom & dad!! Thanks mom and dad for flying down from GA to see us!!
Upon the arrival of the Rockes to LaBelle, Malachi was quite a hit! He was certainly not lacking attention! We are so proud of him:) Grandpa gave everyone a horticultural tour around the yard prior to the big trip to the grove...Malachi's first trip to the grove:)
Next, was Malachi's first trip to Marco! Boy howdy, was he smothered with attention and he loved it! At times it was like playing hot potato as he was passed all around to the point of me wondering where exactly my son had gone. Time by the pool, walking on the beach with him, boat rides, fun family time and lots of good food packed the week. I can't wait until the next trip!

Time has flown by. As I was just getting better at blogging, life sure got busy. We've been able to have both moms down for a visit, have the Marti's visit on the way back from Mexico, and take Malachi on his first flight down to Florida! So many good times and now I find myself with Christmas just around the corner! How does time go so quickly!
During this time Malachi has continued to keep life interesting as he's had a few firsts. about 3 weeks ago, he discovered his toes and they have become his favorite new toy. That boy is flexible! Seeing him suck on his toes makes me laugh every time!
Our first night in Florida, he also started to sleep through the night between 8-9 hours without a middle of the night feed!! He has ever since, which makes me think that we just may need to go on vacation more! Maybe next vacation he'll start sleeping 10-12 hours...maybe I'm asking too much. Either way, it makes for one happy momma!
Teething has begun! While in Florida, many people told me that Malachi looking like he was teething. Upon our return, I asked the doctor to look while she was doing his 4 month physical. She let me know it was highly unlikely, but then started laughing as she looked and exclaimed he did in fact have 2 teeth! One has broken through and the other one is just about to! Craziness! He's handled it well and I hope he continues to do so!
Grab, grab, grab...anything that comes close he tries to grap and put in his mouth! Yesterday, I was trying to eat a snack while holding him. Every chip that came close to my mouth initiated a knock-down drag-out for who's mouth was going to get it. He's quick! Needless to say, that snack didn't last long as he showed his skills were too close for comfort. Next, we went to the office so I could work on the computer. He was in his bumbo, reached way out, picked up a huge mug of coffee (cooled) and poured it all over brent's desk! I had no idea he was that strong! He keeps life interesting!