Sunday, October 10, 2010

"The grass is always greener...where you water it"

While we've all heard the saying, " the grass is always greener on the other side." How does that correlate to marital problems? It's kinda obvious that one could look at it as the rampage of and problem with our society's infidelity. Today, however, Brent and I were discussing ways to strengthen our marriage, how to better communication when times get rough...i.e. he's on call and there's minimal time to communicate. We thought of and we found some good questions to frequently ask our selves and each other to reflect on our marriage, our attitudes and state of our hearts.

One point we read was similar to the cliche phrase previously quoted, but this time it said, "The grass is always greener where you water it". This is common sense and we know this in a concrete sense all too well. Here, in Texas, the blazing heat can take a tole on the yard!! If you neglect the grass for just a few days it quickly starts to brown, die, become weak, unfruitful and the battle to strengthen it is a hard one. This is similar to a marriage. If we neglect to water or care for our marriage it too can become weak quickly. It's so true that we must be continually proactive to pursue, love and work at our marriage. Marriage is a wonderful gift, a deep responsibility and a blessing to be able to cherish. I love Brent so much and I'm thankful that he continues to pursue me and want to continually enrich and work at our marriage. I am blessed.

This is one of the more common sense points, but I thought it was a good reminder and stated creatively. If you want to see the point and questions to ask yourself and your spouse, check out this website. It's a good, quick read:


The Cisel's said...

Talk about good writing... you're pretty good my friend! I'm so glad we can follow each other's lives - they are so similar right now. Hubbies gone and working, babies at home and growing, faiths strong, ever present, and learning. Please, please, please get a hold of me in February. I'd love to come and visit. This Georgia Girl is lonely!

God Bless,