Friday, October 8, 2010

Why all Good Christians Should Celebrate Halloween...

You're probably thinking that I've lost my mind since I've moved to Texas:)
I read an article with the above title. One of it's main points was

" The reason I propose that good Christians celebrate Halloween and stay home from the “Christian alternatives” is that Halloween is the only night of the year in our culture where lost people actually go door-to-door to saved people’s homes . . . and you’re down at the church hanging out with all your other good Christian friends having clean fellowship with the non-pagans.

It's a catchy title and it's made me think...How am I being intentional with relationships? Am I just hanging out with fellow believers because it's comfortable and not feeling I have time to explain & share the gospel to those that wouldn't agree? Am I getting inward focused and only thinking about my busy days, my family, Malachi, my friends? Or, am I concerned/broken hearted over the lost? I sadly find myself often in the prior. As the title is eye catching, it was a good reminder for me to step beyond what's comfortable and reach out to the lost around me: my neighbors, co-workers and those at the gym that I see consistently, but never really take time to see where they stand and invest in those that too easily slip by.

You should leave my blog and go to the following article that I referred to:

I hope it challenges you to be creative and invest in those around you too.