Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Arrival at Herbertpur

We have had some difficulties getting Internet. The local cafe has not been open and we have to wait until Dr. Jeff is back for a password so updates may be sparse. We took a taxi from Lon & Sarah's and were not sure where to go when we "arrived." All we knew was two names to ask for and that I was not sure of because I couldn't understand them very well over the phone earlier in the day. Eventually we were taken to our "plush" accommodations including 2 twin beds, 2 buckets and a small cup to assist in the "shower." In addition we have some electrical heating device to plug in to warm the water. Staci is very excited because we have a space heater. So far the food has been good. We thought we might initially loose weight on this trip but it is not looking like it so far.
Our first day was quite ruff, we like to refer to it as culture shock to make us feel better. We weren't sure if anyone knew what to do with us. Staci and I were split up and were later able to comfort each other with similar mornings of confusion, grief and frustrations during a 2 hour walk through the tea garden. We continue to return to the tea garden which is quite beautiful. We are doing better now as we are quickly adjusting. Today we took a run through the tea garden followed by a frigged bucket bath. Our survival, guidance and orientation to what in the world is going on here has been completely provided by some new friends of ours from Holland.
Hopefully we will able to use the Internet more in the future and post pictures. We are trying to plan a weekend trip to the Himalayan foothills this weekend.