Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Namasta (Hello in Hindi)

We are now at Lon and Sarah's in Duradam (or something like that). We had a incredible 5-6 hr train ride there from Delhi. Incredible in that I, staci, felt like a 5yr old with my nose stuck to the window...never have I see such poverty, extreme slums in masses, such brilliant color, dichotomy in socioeconomic class, idolatry, and randomness and trash. I am not able to come close to describe the sights. From early, 5am, to late into the night, streets are packed with people pushing carts of produce, strange trinkets etc to sleeping in the middle of sidewalks all over, beggars in plagues, cows walking freely all over and incessant honking of horns. Today, we even saw a massive elephant carrying a large load of small trees on it's back with a rider. The stranger thing about it was that the elephant was slowly walking down a major "highway/perimeter" of it had all the rights to be there that a car would have. Needless today, it has been an eye opening experience.
Since at Lon and Sarah's, it's been so nice to hear how God has been working in their lives and those around them. It has been such so neat to hear their stories. We had a nice Indian food lunch, went on a scooter ride with Lon into town. Sarah and I were at home and the boys went out and came back with a dozen roses for each of us girls to celebrate Valentines.(very sweet! red roses with glitter) This evening we went to a market and bought fabric for another "Indian dress/suit" and then went out for drinks at a cafe. end off...we had hot showers! ahhhh, incredible! That about it for today. I'll have to do a retro update for the first couple days in Delhi.
we love you much and are so grateful for your prayers. They have surely been felt as things have gone so smoothly, peacefully and without problems.
P.S. What would have taken 5 minutes has now taken over an hour. Got to enjoy the world wide web especially in rural India.