Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Love Like Jesus'

I wish I could share the many different patients I have seen. My first day here was a TB clinic day. Three people every second die from TB in the world. I had heard of these devastating statistic but its different seeing the faces.
This evening we went to a concert that hospital staff organized to raise support and provide awareness to the local community for poor patients that come to the clinic. There is a discounted clinic here where the poor patients only pay 5 rupees ($0.10), but sadly the poorest of the poor can’t afford even that. Jeff shared a story of a patient that had been suffering from TB for years and had spent money on treatment that turned out being insufficient and incorrect. When this 32 y/o lady arrived at this hospital’s clinic she weighted only 25kg (55lbs). This is not rare, might I add. I have seen many patients that weight near that weight and one that only weighted 22kg. Months of treatment went by and she was not gaining weight so she was asked why. She responded by sharing that beyond the cost of the medication and transportation to the hospital, her family was only able to afford a meal a day and shared five ways between her, her husband and three children. This is only a glimpse of what is seen at this hospital. I hope to share more of both the pain we see as well as the exciting things happening here that will dramatically help these patients’ cost decrease and improve their care as lives are transformed through continued caring. From the hospital wards to the clinic, in the midst of such devastated lives, I get to see such incredible Christian care showed to these people who God made in his image and passionately loves. I sadly have seen how I would have denied it at home, how tightly I have held on to my own wealth, time, reputation, health, and family that I continually must surrender to the Lord. “He is no fool who gives up what he can not keep to gain what He can not loose” (Jim Elliot).
“How blessed is he who considers the poor, The Lord will deliver him in a day of trouble.” Psalm 41:1
Just so you know we are at an EHA hospital in Herpertpur.


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