Monday, February 23, 2009

Days and lessons from India

Picture of the day...The way these people can balance things on their head amazes me...Too bad she caught me taking her picture. Woops! Oh well!

We are doing well, still healthy(Praise God) and now understanding a bit more how things work here. God has surely provided in more was than we could have even thought to pray for. When he arrived, I'm pretty sure they were not aware of our arrival and unsure where to put us. We had no orientation, but God provided others to help us most of the way. Our new friends from Holland showed us all around the campus, how to get food and when it's served, where to get clean water, where and when to show up for required events, how to do laundry and so much more. Praise the Lord for his provisions and protection.
We had a movie night with them and two others from India here. We watched Slumdog Millionaire. It was so interesting as we would get the play by play of what all the scenes were/the background and what was really going on from the Indian perspective. That was surely a fun night.
I have also become the "PE teacher" for Jeff and Janet's kids. We had our first PE today. It was full of jump roping and double dutch. Such fun and I believe successful as they all left quite sweaty. I look forward to more time with them for sure!
God has surely been teaching me so much about my own sinful nature and a new realization of the love and grace that He freely offers. While I was saddened to see the Hindu life and the fear that rules the lives of the followers, I have see how I too allow fear to rule times of my life. I become selfish, disillusioned and fear to surrender. I've often overlooked God's loving nature and that He truly has a plan for us, help, hope and future...not to harm or take away/destitute me with anything I fear to surrender. This is one thing that God has shown me and I continue pray through.
Being here has open my eyes to a whole new world. We have seen the reality of the battle of not flesh and blood, but powers of darkness and Satan's powerful work. On the flipside, we have seen and heard amazing stories of God's power over darkness and stories of people's conversions like never before. I have been blessed to see, in new ways, what a mighty God we serve.
Thank you for your continued prayers!
We love you all dearly~