Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Pages turned into a new chapter

While I've now had 41 weeks to process the fact that the Lord has blessed us with a child, I still find it hard to believe and wrap my brain around. Yes, it seems like it should be easy as I have a huge, hard, protruding abdominal mass that makes it difficult to sleep and even do what seems should be a simple task....breathing. But still how can one really be fully prepared for the awesome life change of welcoming a child into her life. I've decided that no number of books, people's advice or audio can really prepare me.
Brent and I have had 2+ amazing years of our relationship. God has provided beyond measure, beyond what we could ever hope for or image. He continually loved us through our failings, grew us, sanctified us and now brought us to this new chapter in our lives. While it is exciting, I'll admit I'm definitely nervous, and find myself waking all through the night just praying for him, praying for us as parents, for wisdom, that he would grow to know, love and serve the Lord whole heartily. Feel free to pray with us concerning those matters.
We thank you for all the prayers throughout the pregnancy, the encouragement and thoughts. We look forward to having you meet him on Thursday!
As I've reflected over Brent and my life together, I think I'll include a few random sweet moments (although I want to spend hours posting my favorites-I will not bore you) as our independent chapter of life is soon to close. Oh, what adventures life brings! We praise God and wait expectantly for His awesome handiwork in this new time in our lives!

Morton: P-Fest

PTC: engagement

Rome, GA: wedding


Petite St. Vincent

Peoria: hiking

July 4th


Tami said...

Staci, what a fun post!!! I'm excited to see the next chapter of your lives and am praying for you and that little guy who I can't wait to meet!!! Love you, friend!

The Cisel's said...

Great blog post. not boring at all.... we love reading about lives! God bless your little M. Good job, mamma!